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Just about finished, it’s been fabulous and really in-depth. It’s inspired me so much I’ve booked my level 7 aesthetic medicine ❤️❤️ x

My experience with complications consultation has been really good. I have found them very helpful and useful . For my peace of mind knowing I have ongoing support and extra knowledge from very experienced medical professionals makes me feel more confident.  I would definitely recommend this course and the ongoing monthly subscription support.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It gives so much information on complications, I regrettably, never even knew existed. I feel so much more confident now, knowing I am much safer in my practice.

Brilliant course with someone always on hand to help, not that it was needed too much. The course is easy to understand and work through  on your own, at your own pace. I will definitely keep my membership going to receive the free course updates.

Facial Injectables Complications Management Course


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Our comprehensive, detailed and extensive complications management course was designed on the demand of our members.

After benefitting from our service they wanted to learn in more depth, the basis of what we were mentoring from.

Equally, we wanted to give that underpinning knowledge so all injectors can be the best they can be. See our reviews below – they speak for themselves.

Our incredible course covers the following:

  • All complications related to dermal filler and botulinum toxin treatments
  • Guidance on accurate diagnosis and management
  • U.K. guidelines on medications needed for treatment as recommended by ACE and the British national formulary
  • Tailored and appropriate guidance and information on aesthetics complications, generally only available to medical professionals
  • Diagrammatic protocols and flow charts which can be printed and used within your clinical setting
  • Related module videos
  • Case studies from industry medical professionals to make the information detailed more relatable in an applied sense.
  • Each module details clear learning outcomes having an inclusive quiz at the end to ensure intake of knowledge has been achieved. This enables certification of completion.
  • CPD certified member
  • Course entry requirements – minimum foundation qualification in dermal filler and botulinum toxin treatments
  • All for £999 (+ VAT)


Modules included


  • eyelid ptosis
  • brow ptosis
  • cheek ptosis
  • lip ptosis
  • oedema
  • haematoma
  • flu symptoms
  • asymmetry


  • nerve injury
  • impending necrosis
  • haematoma
  • non inflammatory lesions
  • inflammatory lesions
  • blindness
  • stroke
  • salivary gland injury
  • bacterial infection

Case studies 

  • delayed hypersensitivity
  • dissolving filler
  • lip filler infection and nodules
  • delayed onset nodules
  • necrosis management
  • vascular compromise

Flow charts/protocols

  • pathway to receiving complications advice fast
  • emergency reversal
  • elective reversal
  • infection guidelines
  • immediate blindness
  • resolution or referral for inflammatory lesions
  • inflammatory lesions
  • non inflammatory lesions
  • periorbital oedema
  • brow ptosis
  • 13 high risk injection sites



  • Free course updates for life as a complications consultant member.
  • Three months FREE membership with The Complications Consultant.

  • Free printable flow charts and protocols for your clinic.

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