Meet the CEO

The Complications Consultant is born

Hey Everyone, welcome to our amazing service. Thank you for coming to find us and taking the first steps to becoming the best Aesthetics injector you can be. Myself and team are so excited to begin supporting your Aesthetics career. I myself graduated from Dundee University in June 2014 with a bachelor of science degree in Oral Health Sciences and Dentistry, I shortly after completed my foundation Injecting course. It was another two years of gaining clinical experience in both Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, before I felt competent in my skill, knowledge and ability to move onto Advanced then Masterclass levels in injecting.

I have since gone on to do certified, in depth complications management training and make it my mission to ascertain the reasoning and management for all complications. I’m happy to admit I am and will be constantly learning, I am eager to do so.

I will be the first to admit that non Medic injectors was historically not something that I condoned, but the more I delved into the complications management related to this industry, the more I realised that certain educational ignorance surrounding it, didn’t always fall on those that are less qualified on paper.

And so I thought……

“What if we started to actually hold up, those less experienced, less qualified, those starting out in their careers. Those striving for more for themselves and their families. “ Now wouldn’t that be something!

We want to help bridge the gap between Medic and non Medic injectors, to ultimately make the industry safer for everyone.

Myself and team have a combined clinical experience of over sixty years. It is my passion and my vision for all injectors to have access to this knowledge and expertise at the touch of a button. No waiting days or weeks for reply’s, no support groups that are potentially offering wrong information, just solid, correct and immediate information, at the end of a dedicated support line.

hello@complicationsconsultant.complease check junk folders for reply.