For the Public

Botched Dermal Filler or Facial Cosmetic Treatment?

Have you had a Facial Cosmetic procedure such as lip filler that went wrong? Is the assistance you expected from your practitioner drawing a blank? Do you still need answers and a solution? Well, we can help.

  • Instant 24/7 Medical Consultant at your disposal
  • Use our website live chat tool to connect in seconds
  • Video calls are also available
  • Practical answers and solutions to all complications
  • Help for the public
  • Monthly memberships for practitioners

If you want immediate answers or a solution to a treatment that has gone wrong, please get in touch with us for a consultation today. You will instantly talk to a medical professional who can help. Consultations are £30, payable via a direct link before we begin.

Is your practitioner a member of The Complications Consultant? Ask them BEFORE booking or search our member’s directory. Every injector is welcome and takes less than a minute to join via our website. Please ensure your chosen practitioner has invested in your safety and is a member of us. Let us work together and be the best we can be for each other.