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Botched Dermal Filler or Facial Cosmetic Treatment?

It is crucial for members of the public seeking aesthetics treatments to do their research and choose practitioners who are affiliated with reputable organisations such as the Aestheticians Institute. Being a member of this institute signifies that your practitioner has undergone advanced training, is committed to continuous professional development (CPD), committed to your safety and receives mentorship from experienced medical professionals in the field, with 24/7 complications support should the worst happen.

Opting for an aesthetics practitioner associated with the Aestheticians Institute ensures that you receive quality care and adhere to high standards of practice in the aesthetics industry. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your face, would you?

Have you had a Facial Cosmetic procedure such as lip filler that went wrong? Is the assistance you expected from your practitioner drawing a blank? Do you still need answers and a solution? Well, we can help.

  • Instant 24/7 Medical Consultant at your disposal
  • Use our website live chat tool to connect in seconds
  • Video calls are also available
  • Practical answers and solutions to all complications
  • Help for the public
  • Monthly memberships for practitioners

If you want immediate answers or a solution to a treatment that has gone wrong, please get in touch with us for a consultation today. You will instantly talk to a medical professional who can help. Consultations are £30, payable via a direct link before we begin.

Is your practitioner a member of The Complications Consultant? Ask them BEFORE booking or search our member’s directory. Every injector is welcome and takes less than a minute to join via our website. Please ensure your chosen practitioner has invested in your safety and is a member of us. Let us work together and be the best we can be for each other.